Hello friends! I’m Maggie High and I am so happy you are here! 

I started Singing Bear when my oldest child, Theo, started eating solids and all the bibs I had were not as good as I knew they could be. 

You see, when I was growing up, my mom had a bib company and she made these amazing bibs. I used to sell them with her at craft shows, festivals, etc. People would drive out to our house in the country to look through boxes of inventory and buy stuff. People loved them. The amount of times I heard people exclaim, “These are the BEST BIBS!” Is countless. 

I knew how to make the bibs, so I started making them for Theo. Finally, after years of selling them and helping my mom choose colors and fabrics, I was using them on my own baby! And I found out for myself: these are the best bibs!! 

I opened an Etsy shop to share the awesomeness and it’s been really fun to connect with people online and in person at shows. 

My husband, Spencer, and I designed a business card that went viral (!) and we were totally blown away by all the kind people who sent me messages. It’s been really fun for me and my family! Thank you to everyone who reached out!

I love having total creative freedom to choose exactly how I want the bibs to look and feel. I choose to use only 100% natural materials. Like many other people these days, I’m cautious of my impact on the environment and am doing my best to do my part, especially with things I buy and sell. Our purchasing power is vast and what we buy, and whom we buy from, matters a lot. 

Most recently, I had another baby (yay!), took 6 months off to be with her and adjust to being a family of four, and then hit the ground running with new prints and a new website. I am so excited for what’s to come for Singing Bear and I’m so glad you are here and part of the Singing Bear clan!